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    Unanswered: Describe Procedure Command in DB2 UDB 9.7

    Hi All,

    I am using DB2 UDB v9.7. I am working on handling result sets inside a stored procedure (A) which is calling stored procedure (B).
    I want to know the number of result sets returned by the called stored procedure (B).

    I tried command - DESCRIBE PROCEDURE B but it's not working. Also I am not sure how to store (either in SQLDA or SQL Descriptor) the result returned by this command.

    Would appreciate if someone share some information on this.

    Many Thanks in advance!


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    It is useless to write "it's not working" unless you specify the exact command/statement and the exact result.

    DB2 v9.7 on LUW does not have a "describe procedure" statement.

    For catalogued SQL and java sprocs, you might check syscat.routines column RESULT_SETS (although the docs state it is an estimate of the max #result-sets)

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