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    Question Unanswered: Autofill a field from one field, or if this is blank, another field.

    Hi all.

    I have an Access 2007 database set up that records the decisions on appeals to an independent appeals board separate from my organisation.

    It works great but the problem is that the pesky clients can make supplementary appeals.

    I have a field that records the determination of the "original appeal", and another that records the "supplementary appeal". What I want is a field that auto-populates a "Final Determination" field. So I want it to auto-fill in the data from the "supplementary appeal", OR, if this is blank, the data from the "Original Appeal".

    Could someone tell me the best way to achieve this, ideally without the need to set up a new table or query.


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    In a form, while on the record, have a button, if the record is valid for FINAL DETERM. they can click
    run a macro to
    append query that uses the current index and copies it with the FINAL DETERM as that field setting.

    INSERT INTO tClients ( ClntID, ClntName, ClntAdd1, sTATUS )
    SELECT tClients.ClntID, tClients.ClntName, tClients.ClntAdd1, "FINAL DETERM" AS Expr1
    FROM tClients
    WHERE (((tClients.ClntID)="123"));

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