Below is a mock-up of what the form page would look like :

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Initially I want to achieve a simple enough result :

1. Collect 1 string value and 2 integer values from Text Input Boxes.

(Name, Age, Height)

2. When a user clicks a "next" button a new database file is created using the "name" & "age" values as the filename e.g. "Jack_25.database".

3. If a file already exists with the same filename it sends a message to the debug, "filename is taken".

4. The content of the created database would look something like :

<name> Jack

<age> 25 </age>

<height> 120 </height>

<tall_enough> false </tall_enough>


The boolean "tall_enough" would be for later usage to trigger various functions when it becomes true.

So far I have been advised of some fairly open-ended responses on how I would go about this task. The most clear advise I have been told is that I should use Javascript to do something with XML and get that XML to do something with ASP.NET

If I could get a more specific step by step for the mentioned task that would be EXACTLY what I need to kickstart learning and to understand what I will need to set up to make things work.

I believe that the task I wish to achieve won't require me to know everything about : [Javascript, ASP.NET, C#, and XML] but so far all advise has been that vague.. I'm left with no other option but to study and understand everything there is to know about them just so I can determine which parts of that knowledge will be applicable to the simple task I want to achieve.

One thing I will mention is that my current webhosting is on a Linux based server so I don't know if ASP.NET will work for my situation as that looks like it is more a windows thing but being I don't know a lot about any of this stuff yet, I am probably jumping to the wrong conclusions.