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    Unanswered: DBF file getting corrupt

    Hi, does anyone ever get their dbf table go corrupt? I don't get my data or files corrupt in any other software in my computer other than ArcView. So, I don't believe i have a virus. It almost seems like a glitch in the program, cause it might be that I edit and save the file so many times in one day that it just goes corrupt after so many edits.

    How to fix it?

    Any help, thanks!

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    I have had the same problem on numerous occasions.

    I have found that when I am ready to stop editing, if I save the database with the menu choice "table,save edits", rather than "stop editing",and then save changes, it doesn't seem to jumble the database. This works only some of the time however. I have also found that if I backup to a floppy, tape, or zip, while ArcView is running, it will jumble the databases. This does not answer your question, I know, but maybe it will help give a little more info, so that someone else can point us toward a remedy.

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