Hi guys

I have a small business which provide educational services/counselling to students.
The number of students is about 500 students, and I need a help in designing a database for this small business, which would help me to make an entry for each student in the database.
The database will allow to add new students entries and also to search for existing students .
The input/search entries for each student will include details about:
- student details (name, DOB, Nationality, Gender, marital status, etc),
- course details (course name, level, start date, duration, etc),
- institution name (school, training centre, College, University, etc)
- application outcome (need to apply, application sent, under processing, accepted, rejected, joined, deferred, etc)

I can pay a reasonable money for this work (but not much); as I am still a beginner in this business.

Please if any one can help in this job let me know by phone or email (atlantis.education@gmail.com) (07868309213), and then I would give him/her a complete picture of about this job (what exactly I need and how the database looks like).