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    Unanswered: create a UTF-16 database

    Hi all,
    I'm planning a UNICODE DB2 10.1 database with the majoity of Asian characters data, so I'm wondering if I need to create it with a UTF-8 or UTF-16 code set.
    When trying to create both on my local Linux machine I'm able to create it in the UTF-8 case, but not with UTF-16.
    I try:
    > db2 create database mydb using codeset utf-16 territory default collate using IDENTITY_16BIT
    but it fails complaining with a wrong territory, even if the infocenter says all the territory codes should be supported with utf-16.
    The same command with utf-8 instead of utf-16 succeeds.

    Could you please let me know why it happens?

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    I don't think you can use codeset utf-16 only utf-8
    utf-16 can be used for collating sequence
    and also means you use graphic/var-graphic
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    Yes I'll be using several VARGRAPHIC columns.
    Do you agree that if I plan to have lots of Asian strings in those VARGRAPHIC columns, as well as in other VARCHAR columns, I should choose uft-8 codeset and IDENTITY_16BIT collating sequence (instead of IDENTITY) when creating my database?


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