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    Hi All, Not sure where this should be posted

    Hi Everyone,

    Not quite sure where this would fit in the structure so will post here to be safe.

    I would like to know if there is any form of database software (similar to access) that can be run straight off a memory stick without needing installation.
    I have a number of databases currently in MS Access that get I need to be able to use in quite a few different locations. Up until recently this was not a problem as I had a laptop with access on, but unfortunately it has died. Most of the time it is not feasible to take my desktop - often I need the databases in a field- and it is obviously quite inconvinient even when I am inside.
    The easiest way to solve this I can think of would be to email the files to friends and use their computers - however the vast majority of my friends are students and as such don't have a copy of access, and it would clearly be inconvienient (and slighlty rude) to have to install software on their computer to run the databases.

    Possibly it may be feasible to translate the databases to excel instead which gives wider coverage, but this may obviously still pose a problem if they are running linux (Yay!) which quite a few are.
    The only 'sensible' solution I have come up with is this notion of a database that doesn't need installing - is this possible/ does this exist or am I chasing a dead end?

    Any help and advice would be appreciated,


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    you should try SQLite. It's a very small and free RDBMS (under 1MB), runs on Windows and Linux (and Mac?). It has no GUI whatsoever but I take it you know SQL. It doesn't need a server or anything, there is no configuration to be worried about etc. It's a great environment for small embedded systems or for just quick testing.

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