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    Unanswered: How to use a data in the subreport

    I have made a report, to list the employee data as the main report. In one field the employee salary is mentioned. At the end of the field the sum of all employee salaries is shown in a box.
    I put a subreport to list the Managers and in one column their salary is shown, with the related sum at the end.
    There is a second subreport listing the company costs for different items. Again, the sum of all costs is shown in a box at the end of the field of the itemcosts.

    My question: how can we add “sum of employee salaries” and “sum of managers salaries” and “sum of the item costs”? In other words I need a data from a subreport to be added to another data from another sunreport and also to a data in the main from.

    All the above reports and subreports come from different unrelated tables.

    Thank you
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    See: It works for reports too.
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