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    Unanswered: Help Needed To Fix Compact & Repair Database On Every 5th Close

    I have made the Compact Database on Every 5th closing with a glitch that I am unable to fix.
    And I need some help here to fix it.

    I have made the following
    1. Table : CompactCount
    2. Module: CompactRoutine
    3. Form: SplashScreen

    Problems I am facing are as follows:
    I have to close startup screen manually 5 time then it triggers compact and repair.
    If I exit the Database it does not compact and repair.
    Splash Screen must start & minimize , Which it does. But I want it to be hidden and work in the background.

    your help is much appreciated.

    I have attached a sample DB.

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    you shouldn't need to do a compact & repair that often. you also need to be careful that you don't attempot a C&R on a file that is opened by many users

    C&R will help reclaim space from deleted rows, re build indexes, reclaim space form file bloat triggered by development. but it isn't required anywhere near "every 5 times"

    compact & repair is a shell process, so it cant really happen in background IN THE SAME application.

    Generally database bloat is caused during development. so C&R periodically is fine, say once a week, or perhaps once a month and when you are about to release the applciation for the live environment (or copy it to send to a third party eg a forum).
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    In addition to healdem's notes, which are right on the mark, C & R's are frequently cited as a cause of corruption, and as such, should never be done without a backup copy of the database being made beforehand.

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    Hope this helps!

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    this is a sample, so the trigger time is after 5th, actual will be calculated on the basis of about every 10 days.
    to answer the Q WHY?
    This DB is placed in a remote area. not much internet coverage. the actual DB is made in such a way that the operator just have to do cliks to enter data. Due to shortage of qualified persons in that area. So have to rely on what is available.
    As the operator is not exactly qualified personal for the job, so I have to rely on automation instead of operator. The less he fondles is better.

    that's why I need this help badly.

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