First off, im NOT a programmer or someone who works with computers for a living.

Im a fireman for the city of Detroit and the department historian.

I have a project that would require a custom(?) database to help me preserve some of the departments history, and make it accessible to others as well.

I want to put the cities old "Run Cards" into a data base and don't know what program to use, or how to set it up

a run card is a 3x5 paper card, with a number (for the pull box) on it, a street location, a building name if its for a specific school, hospital, factory etc. and the fire companies due on 1st 2nd 3rd alarm etc. there are approximately 10,000 run cards

quick history. In the telegraph (and pre telephone era, fire call boxes were at most street corners and on most major buildings, if you had or saw a fire, you ran to the nearest pull box and PULLED it... that would transmit that specifics call boxes number to the central office... when central office received that number, they would look up that number run card and on the run card would be street location, and fire companies due to that location.

I would need someone to create a template for me. that would look like the run card on the screen, and allow me to enter all the different fields. then I would like to be able to search on any of the fields. So lets say I wanted to search the street Woodward Ave and see all the call boxes that were on Woodward... or maybe I want to search, and see all the locations Engine 10 was first due, or maybe I want to see where a specific call box was, so I can look up box 5734 and have it come up

is this something I can do, as a person who is fairly computer literate, but no programmer... do I need someone smarter than me to do this, and if so, what would a project to create this template costs? Ill obviously do the data entry (at my leisure)