Hello All

I run a small database (currently 12 gig). I am doing regular backups with pg_dump 4x during work hours and 1 at midnight.

I would like to do a PITR setup so if I lose the database again, minimal info would be lost. I am not sure if this is the right way to go

I would need to put the backup server on a separate public IP, and our internet provider feels this will use a lot of bandwidth for a constant stream. Also, the company is a small 501-3c non-profit with limited budget, so I cannot buy what I think I actually need.

So here is my question - How can I set up a disaster plan for 1) failed database to minimize lost data and 2) create a second database server to use when hurricanes cut power from the primary server? Oh, I have bandaids and duct tape to do this with.

Thanks so much for all suggestions