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    Unanswered: Problem Solving: Combo Box / Query has stopped working

    I have a split form for a query. The split form has multiple combo boxes. The query criteria reads:

    Like "*" & [Forms]![Main_F2]![cboRMStatus] & "*"

    The combo boxes have an "After Update" event to requery the query.

    One combo box has stopped working. After updating it gives me a zero result. I cannot seem to figure out what happened!

    I did delete a record in the underlining table and updated some info. Any suggestions?


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    Not from these scant details, but Is it possible there are > 1 combo interfering in the query?
    Did you try each combo 1 at a time if it works?

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    if you deleted the underlying table or query you will need to redefine the combo's rowsource(s). Although Access odes a pretty good job of housekeeping when you rename stuff it does trip up and always trips up when you delete tables or queries or columns within

    but you will need to investigate
    are you gettign some data in the combo
    is it the data thats missing
    is it code runnign whne you do soemthign thats missing
    have you put a breakpoint on the relevant events and then stepped through the code to see what ACTUALLY happens as opposed to guessing or gettign frustrated becuase tis not working. Access has a fantastic IDE and debugger, use it
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