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    Unanswered: uninstall expired 9.7

    Hi all,

    I am using db2 9.7 ESE on RHEL6.

    The above mentioned trial version got expire after 3 months. I was having 2 databases. now i want to uninstall it and install full permanent version of db2 wse 10.2 and those 2 database in it.

    Problem is i am not able to start 9.7 as it is expired.

    Is there any way to remove 9.7 without uninstalling or any other means to accomplish the same?
    I have db backups ready for both databases.


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    Why do you think you need to start the instance to uninstall its binaries?
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    From the message above you are most likely having issues because you have an instance / database created and the normal db2 uninstall is not letting you remove the software due to an instance using the software. This is most likely caused by an entry in /var/db2/global.reg
    Take a look at the following post where this was resolved previously, the post is for Ubuntu but the same issue:
    Basically you need to tell db2 there is no instance, then uninstall the software and perform some manual clean up.

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