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    Unanswered: How to query retrieve data every Thursday


    I want to have a weekly report with a query. I don't have any field in the table to show the week day, but I want to run the query every Thursday.

    Please tell me how?

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    For this sort of process I'd suggest using windows scheduler to kick off the task at a specified time. in the scheduler task open Access and specify a macro to run the query as part of the command line switch/arguments

    it does mean that the machine that runs the task needs to be on during the time that you want the scheduled task to run, so its suited to say a low use "always on" file server. you may be able to do this through the runtime, thus avoiding having to pay for a licence for what is essentiailly a dead machine.

    failing that what you could do is have a common application opening process, which tests to see if its a Thursday (use the appropriate datetime function to detect that), then run the query (possibly through a macro or VB function). Assuming its a multi user system you need to test if the query has already been run today (or is in the process of being run today). that will involve some local storage within the db identifying that.
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