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    Unanswered: Not a legal OLEAUT date when importing from ACCESS to SQL

    Im using the migration assistant but I keep running into this error that only allows 92% of the a certain table to be migrated. I changed the target field from datetime2 to just datetime but I keep getting very similar errors.

    and When I use SQL 2014's built import export wizard, I get these errors.

    Validating (Error)
    Error 0xc0202049: Data Flow Task 1: Failure inserting into the read-only column "Order_Header_ID".
    (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

    Error 0xc0202045: Data Flow Task 1: Column metadata validation failed.
    (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

    Error 0xc004706b: Data Flow Task 1: "Destination - Order_Header" failed validation and returned validation status "VS_ISBROKEN".
    (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

    Error 0xc004700c: Data Flow Task 1: One or more component failed validation.
    (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

    Error 0xc0024107: Data Flow Task 1: There were errors during task validation.
    (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)
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    I'd be willing to bet that you have dates with a zero year or month in your Access file. SQL Server doesn't like dates like that... Datetime goes back to the Jullian adjustment period (circa 1752). Datetime2 goes back to 0001-01-01, but not back to year zero.

    I would modify the Transform to convert the bad dates to NULL values.

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