Hi All,

We are having a market place portal. To brief you, it is a place where buyer will inquire supplier on products he is interested in. Each supplier will have a subdomain based micro website of their own. We need to build analytics for portal (which includes portal page impressions and Product analytics) and for each supplliers' subdomain.
We have around 500k supplier in our db. Portal hits as now is around 50k/day (Got it from GA) . we need to have custom analytics for sub domain and product based. Say out of 50k hits 10k visits our suppliers subdomain also that means 10000 min number of rows in db-> analytics table each day. Each suppliers micro site is having 5 pages so this could go upto 50k rows per day as of now it is very small our db can handle it. but my question is what if these thing go up when each day we have around 1million rows inserted in analytics table that means in 100 days we have 100 M rows!!! (we are expecting this kind of traffic in a year time). Kindly advice me how we can structure the Analytics table.

We are using AWS RDS for Mysql DB and PHP for Server side scripting.