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    I have a scenario & i accomplished that using 2 procedures . But my requirement is to make that 2 procedures into a single package. I am new to db2 , Now I came to know how to write procedures .
    what is a package in db2luw/udb?
    How can i combine 2 procedures into a Db2 package.Any steps to this conversion?
    can i debug a package as if I done for a procedure.

    can some one help me out .
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    A "package" in DB2 is a routine that has been "bound" to the database. Basically this means that DB2 has created the access plan for the routine and stored it as a package. All of the SQL stored procedures get converted to a Package when they are created.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HABBIE View Post
    How can i combine 2 procedures into a Db2 package.
    Do you mean may be DB2 modules? They are similar to PL/SQL packages, and you can use either in DB2. Both concepts are explained in the DB2 manuals.
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