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    Unanswered: Importing an Excel Userform

    Hello Board,

    First Access post from a long time Excel aficionado here,

    I have finally accepted that it will just be easier to use a database to handle my quote engine. I have built a userform containing some 200+ fields in excel, I have imported the field names to create my first table, and would like to bring my form in as well rather than starting again using the form wizard. I have exported the .frm - I just can't see where to start to import it into Access, the import wizards are okay for spreadsheets, sharepoints and even data. Not sure where to look to next..

    Any help/pointers gratefully received

    Thanks for looking


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    to be honest Ive never imported an excel form into Access. In my experience a spreadsheet way doesn't neccessarily scale well into the db world. Laying out forms in Access is pretty straightforward, so I'd ditch the idea of using a spreadsheet and instead move to a database. switch from the spread sheet mindset to a db mindset

    in all honesty 200 controls on a form is a heck of a lot... it would suggest to me that your current approach is not normalised (come from a spreadsheet Id expect that though). having made the (in my view) the correct decision to switch then take a time out and develop the db system to run alongside the existign and keep the existing till you are certain you've got it right.
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