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    Angry Unanswered: Access subform with additional field but not editable

    I created an instructor form with a sub form table on the bottom -

    I would like to add columns in the subform from the instructor_info subform but it should not be editable, just display it as per the column relationship key, and the relationship key for the 2 tables (instructor_info & course_table) is course_id.

    <h2>Course Table</h2>
    - Course Date (instead of Course)
    - Course Location
    - Station Demo
    - No. of Teachings
    - Hours Taught

    <h2>Instructor Teaching Info Table</h2>

    - Instructor ID
    - Alone
    - Course
    - Course Date
    - No. of Teachings
    - Course Type

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    set the sub forms properties as required
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    got it! Thanks!

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