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    real estate database

    ok guys, completely new to this and to databases.
    the scenario here is that i am in the middle of creating a website for my real estate company in spain.
    i want to have a search database for the users to search all of our properties.
    the search box should have several questions with drop down lists to filter the properties, such as number of bedrooms, price... the user then will click submit and will immediately be presented with a list of properties that fit their specs.
    how do i do this?
    i have been researching a little into this and i think mysql is the database that i need, is that right. I have got microsoft access already, will this be easier as I think access is more gui friendly thus easier to create databases.
    i want to do this a quick as possible so if its possible to create the database without a lot of having to know different commands and stuff i would like it.
    i guess that i store this database on my website providers server and will link the database from there to the website.
    this also needs to be available 24/4 for the user

    sorry to be so brief...
    i hope i can get help...


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    yes, you almost certainly need a database backend to store the data, and perhaps more importantly retrieve the data based on user preferences

    as to whether MySQL or any other db is especially favoured I have my reservations. yes use a db that uses SQL (searching is easier in SQL data stores than virtually any non SQL data store.

    quick as popssible, without knowing a lot of commands is I fear probably unachiveable

    for now what id suggest you do is sit down with a pencil paper + rubber/eraser/whatever and draw up a list of what you need to do. how do visitors look for property. what is it they are looking for.
    presumably its stuff like
    location (location could be a specific area, locale or n km/miles from a specific point
    specific attributes of the property
    property type (flat/apartment, semi, detached etc....)
    number of bedrooms
    number of other rooms
    garage spaces
    parking spaces and so on.

    is what you are doing achievable, yes. is it achievable in a short space oif time starting from scratch with little or no experience to produce a fully fledged searchable database. in all honesty.. not a cat in hells chance. but dont' let that stop you. be realistic about what you must have, be realistic aboput what you can achieve, about timescales and its dooable

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