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    Unanswered: Need importance of fenced user


    While creating the instance we need fenced userid. why there is need of fenced userid while creating it. Can we create instance with instance owner id.

    I know fenced userid is used to create user defined functions and Procedures.

    What are the other benefits of using fenced user?

    Thanks in advance

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    Couple of things on this. Personally I always go with Fenced, reason being if there is an issue with a stored procedure it is much safer for the database overall. I have heard there is a performance impact to doing this but I have not personally noticed a difference. The following article goes into detail:
    With the fenced user, I have seen systems that use the instance id and others use a different userid. The only advantage I know of with using a separate userid is security. If it runs under the procedure runs under the instance id it of course has the related security.

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