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    Unanswered: Newbie question. how to update a report inside a form (without having to close it)

    Hey Guys,

    I'm messing around with MS access. I've got a small HVAC company and I'd like to do a few basic things.

    - Enter in new work orders
    - Track who is where for current date
    - Track which work order hasn't come back into the office
    - Track which work order has an outstanding payment.

    I've attached my DB to give you an example of what I've done.

    My problem is that I've added a report to a form and now I'm noticing that the report doesn't update unless I close and reopen the form. I really like the tabs I've put in and I would like to know if it's possible to create a command that will update the report of the tab I' click in.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    a report works with the data present at the time the report is opened (or when you regenerate the report say switching from preview to print).
    reports are not designed or intended to reflect live data, or data changes that occur AFTER the report is run. they are a snapshot of the data at the time the report opens.
    So if your data changes you need to regenerate the report.
    what you can do is add a command button on the form that open the report on request, and that report will reflect the data committed to the db at that point in time. wha tit wont do is, say if you have just started entering new data, or have started an edit, but not committed the changes to the db then that new row, or changes will not appear in the report.
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