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    Unanswered: Medical database for seniors

    A few people in a certain country have expressed the need for a database for seniors. The problem is that a lot of people are dying and nobody knows what's happening with them. We're thinking of creating a database that would include their contact details, medical conditions and what they want done in the event of their death, etc. It would be up to them to register for it obviously. Would something like this be feasible?

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    is it feasable... yes
    but thats the stock anser youd get from virtually anybody int he db field
    is it worth doing
    is it a good use of time
    is the data gong to be easy enough to capture (ie people willing to provide the infoirmation
    are you capable of taking adequate security / data protection issues into account and so on.

    so the answer is yes, but is it worth doing... don't know
    can it be done in a timely, cost effective manner, dunno
    is it going to produce information that is useful. dunno

    is the proposed system any better han a purely manual 'postcard' filing system. if all you are doing is storing details in the event of death then a postcard file record is probably just as useful, and a heck of a lot cheaper, a heck of a lot simpler and probably more secure. certainly more flexible
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