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    Exclamation Unanswered: Sqlcode -904/ -911

    -904 - refers resource unavilable

    -911 - roll back due to dead lock or timeout.

    My doubt is,
    for -911 - if the table is processed by an user it will be in a hold and waiting for queue occurs for timeout.

    But what specially mean,

    i heared that for -904 occurs also for some lock reason

    can u explain -904 ? what are the difference between -904 and -911.


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    -904 is a generic 'resource unavailable' with many different sub-conditions (not necessarily relating to locking), more common when the database lives on a Z/OS platform. The only time I've seen this on a unix/linux/windoze environment is when using db2-connect to a Z/OS based database, and usually the reason-codes did not relate to locking.

    -911 involves an implicit rollback (of statement or transaction, depending on version+configuration) following either a deadlock or locktimeout.

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    Typically when a -904 has to do with locks its that you have too many. I have seen it mostly on Z/OS as mor suggested already. You can have too many locks per table and per session. Also, as Mor suggested there are many many reasons for a -904, you have to refer to the reason code within the SQLCA to determine the exact reasoning.
    You left off that you can get a -913 for locking as well.

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