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    Unanswered: Debug failed with 11


    I have scenario, crated some wrappers & servers to access the remote database tables. Upto selection, updation I can able to work. Now i need to alter few data source tables on the remote side. So i started using 'SET PASSTHRU'. I am using this SET PASSTHRU in a stored procedure.
    Every time when deploying I am getting the below error;

    e1.p1_TABLE - Deploy for debug started.
    e1.p1_TABLE - Deploy for debug failed.
    e1.p1_TABLE- Roll back completed successfully.

    This is the only error.

    After I restart the instance , I can able to compile & when running this is the error:

    DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-1822, SQLSTATE=560BD, SQLERRMC=07001;SAMPLE;func="SQLExecute" msg=" CLI0100E Wrong number of paramet, DRIVER=4.17.30
    Run of routine failed.
    - Roll back completed successfully.

    can some one help me in this.

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    can some one kindly help me with this

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