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    Unanswered: DB2 BLU OS Not Supported

    I had a DB2 Enterprise Edition deployed on a s390x (zlinux Server) Running SUSE Enterprise Linux Version 11 SP 3. This is the information on Server and db2level

    cat /etc/SuSE-release
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (s390x)
    VERSION = 11

    DB21085I This instance or install (instance name, where applicable:
    "db2inst1") uses "64" bits and DB2 code release "SQL10053" with level
    identifier "0604010E".
    Informational tokens are "DB2 v10.5.0.3", "s140203", "IP23553", and Fix Pack

    I wanted to deploy BLU Accelration on it and convert some tables to Column based.

    I checked and found that the BLU is only supported on Advance Enterprise Server Edition. We got the License and according to the documentation applied the license. The documentation says if you want to upgrade to AESE from ESE you just need to add license not install the AESE version over again.

    "Starting with DB2 10.5, moving from DB2 Workgroup Edition or DB2 Enterprise Edition to the DB2 Advanced editions can be accomplished with a simple license key update. For example, if you are running DB2 Workgroup Edition 10.5 and have purchased an upgrade to DB2 Advanced Workgroup Edition 10.5, you would simply apply the DB2 Advanced Workgroup license key to your existing DB2 installation. There is no need to reinstall DB2 code or to upgrade databases, which means that you can update a license in minutes and with minimal impact to your business operations. This new capability applies only to edition updates between applicable DB2 10.5 editions, not to upgrades from an earlier version of DB2. "

    Now that the AESE license has been added we are getting the following information from db2licm command

    Product name: "DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition"
    License type: "CPU Option"
    Expiry date: "Permanent"
    Product identifier: "db2aese"
    Version information: "10.5"
    Enforcement policy: "Soft Stop"

    But when I tried to create a column organized table I get the following error.

    [Error Code: -1668, SQL State: ] The operation failed because the operation is not supported with this environment. Reason code: "4"

    This states that the OS does not support this feature and I should use row level Organized table.

    But I have checked and BLU is supported SUSE Enterprise Edition x86-64 as can be seen on this link!

    What am I missing. Any ideas ?

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    x86-64 != System z
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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