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    Unanswered: Access Database Slow Performance


    I wonder if someone can give me some help or advice.

    I created a database (Microsoft 2010) to pretty much manage data. There are a maximum of 4 users. I split the database and placed the backend on a common server that we use and the frontend on the user’s desktop.

    We are finding that the database is running really slow. It takes a very long time to perform any function on the database. It is just as slow using VPN. I understand because there are linked files and pulling from a server, could cause the slowness. I am wondering if there is something else I can do to help the performance. I am not an experience Access developer, but I am open to suggestions.

    Thank you.


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    if you have compacted the db BE, then you are at the mercy of the network.

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    VPN and Access is not a good or clever idea....
    is there a difference when on a local network is the app always slow, irrespective of which computers are using it
    how clogged is your current network
    are you using bound or unbound controls/recordsets. if you don't know the difference then you are using bound controls/recordsets

    can you identify if its specific sections (actions) or forms or reports that are slow. it may mean that elements of those forms & reports may need re desigining
    are you making a lot of use of domain functions in report DETAIL.. that will be slow

    you may need to think about caching static data inside the local copies

    do you know where the time is being consumed

    if you have a slow network connection and are using bound controls for things like list boxes then soemtimnes these can get populated 3 times between a form opening and displaying. this is a real problem with combo/list boxes that have lots and lots of rows (and columns in them

    make certain your queries are returning only the columns you need (eg only stuff the coilumns you actually need into a list/combo box and pull other values from the relevenat table based on a selection in the combo box. its tempting to occasionally stuff other data that you will need evetnually in a list/combo as hidden columns.

    whenever youcreate a form or report make cdeertaint he query returns only the data actaully required

    switch on the EXPLAIN / show plan function

    that reference also helpfully brings up the following link
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