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    Unanswered: MS SQL Server Replication

    Hi all,

    This is a simple question, but I just need some advice with my limited knowledge of MS SQL.

    The scenario is fairly simple, I have two geographic sites which run email encryption software with has an authentication aspect of the service. The authentication information is stored within the SQL database along with some secure email keys. Now between the two sites there is a normal internet connection (VPN) and a dedicated fibre line.

    All I require is simple replication between the two sites which is instant and performs overwrites if existing data exists. What would be the best methods/features to use to implement replication between these two sites?

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    How do you define "instant" for this purpose? How fast is the connection between the sites? How stable is the connection between the sites (in other words, how many seconds per year of downtime is expected)? How often do you expect downtime to occur?

    Without knowing much more about what you want to accomplish, I don't know a way to give you a simple and correct answer. The answers to these questions may allow me to give a good guess, or they may just spawn more questions.

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    If you could show the code or a screenshot of the problem, maybe we can help you further.

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    OK so the Fibre link between the two sites is dedicated 100 mbps, recently we had some downtime but usually we are talking around 99.9% uptime, so around 8 hours per year would be correct.

    At the moment there is no errors to report.

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