Hello folks,

Im trying to set something up in regards to tracking units for orders. I have a table created with fields; order number, customer name, unit number and serial number. What I am trying to do is possibly have 2 text boxes, one for order number and the other for customer name. Below those will be possibly more text boxes (will use 5 as an example) for the user to type in the unit number and beside those will be another 5 so the user can enter in the serial number for the unit. So for a database for let's say about 100 records currently stored in there, if user enters in order number 1111, customer abcd, unit 22, and serial number AA0066 (for unit 22) and then clicks on a button, all that specific data will be stored at record 22 specifically. Something like below:

Order Number : 1111
Customer : Abcd

Unit Serial Number
22 AA0066
56 AA0099
58 AA0156
77 AA0166
99 AA0369

Is something like this possible to create?

Much thanks!