I have a table generated by a WordPress plugin that collects form submission data. The structure of the table is not ideal - has "submission_time" as primary key and what I want to be fields (firstName, lastName, email, phone, affiliation, etc.) are actually field values in the field called "field_value". See images...

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I also have another table which I want to append data and booleans on to the data from the first table based on the submit_time field value. See image below...

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In the image below, the data in the rows is taken from the WordPress plugin table I'll call it table 1) with submit_time as a primary key while the Sent column is taken from another table (call it table 2) with submit_time as a foreign key. I loop through the data in table 1 and display it with a foreach loop for each row in the table, but I need to see if the boolean "is_sent" is marked 1 or 0 in table 2 based on the submit time and display a checkmark if it is marked 1 and an empty checkbox if it is marked 0.

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I'm not sure how to do the JOIN in order to do this. Any help you can give is much appreciated!

Here is my SQL for getting the data from table 1 and displaying it in the table rows if you want to see this..
"SELECT `submit_time` AS 'Submitted',
                max(if(`field_name`='firstName', `field_value`, null )) AS 'firstName',
                max(if(`field_name`='lastName', `field_value`, null )) AS 'lastName',
                max(if(`field_name`='email', `field_value`, null )) AS 'email',
                max(if(`field_name`='phone', `field_value`, null )) AS 'phone',
                max(if(`field_name`='affiliation', `field_value`, null )) AS 'affiliation',
                max(if(`field_name`='interest', `field_value`, null )) AS 'interest',
                max(if(`field_name`='productSheets', `field_value`, null )) AS 'productSheets',
                max(if(`field_name`='referredBy', `field_value`, null )) AS 'referredBy',
                max(if(`field_name`='comments', `field_value`, null )) AS 'comments',
                GROUP_CONCAT(if(`file` is null or length(`file`) = 0, null, `field_name`)) AS 'fields_with_file'
                FROM `wp_cf7dbplugin_submits` 
                WHERE `submit_time` = ".$this->uri->segment(3)." AND `form_name` = 'PSRequestForm'
                GROUP BY `submit_time` 
                ORDER BY `submit_time` DESC
                LIMIT 0,100"