Two of the tables vb_post, vb_profilevisitor getting corrupted again and again.

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Looks like the problem is that the .MYD table was converted to a .TMD table as per the below article:

".TMD basically a temparory file of .MYD. it gets converted into .TMD if the data size of the table has exceeded the actual size of the data. in that case you can alter the table and increase the MAX size of the table."

We renamed the table back to the .MYD extension, but please check on the MAX size of the the table.

**********************hosting peoples sugggestions****************
May i know how to do it.
I want to change for two tables,


This is my present values in databse
vb_profilevisitor: present Rows: 11995 Avg_row_length: 15 Max_data_length: 64424509439
vb_post: present Rows: 1325242 Avg_row_length: 1514 Max_data_length: 281474976710655

can i alter it and increase the maximum table size with the following.

ALTER TABLE `vb_profilevisitor` MAX_ROWS=98281474976710655 AVG_ROW_LENGTH=1000000000;
ALTER TABLE `vb_post` MAX_ROWS=98281474976710655 AVG_ROW_LENGTH=1000000000;

Need quick replies.