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    Unanswered: compare 2 tables

    I have 2 databases( "A" + "B") with identical number of tables and identical number of records for each table. There are also identical number of fields pre record per table. Table A has had the sensitive data within the fields scrambled.

    I am not an SQL guy. I need to know if there is a way to read down each DB table by table, record by record, field by field and compare the data values. If they are different I need to output the Field name, the data value and the Table name from the Scrambled Table (lets say its "A").

    I'm lost where to start - can anyone help me with this please? Is it even possible?



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    Ok. Do you know if the scramble is a one way hash or is there public key encryption being used? Perhaps some kind of scramble using a homespun algorithm. Whether or not you can "decrypt" depends on how the data was crypted and what information you have about that process.
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