I'm using an MS access 2013 Desktop Inventory for asset tracking.
For inventory if I enter example 20 monitors and 20 computers just like that no models or anything and the report that it has called Inventory reorder report; I have it set to only show items when they reach 5 or below.
That works good.

Now we need to use special asset tags that we have for each units.
I have change the field Caterogy to Tag Id to use for the asset.
My problem now is how do I input 20 monitors 20 computers etc.. with each asset tag to where the report will still only show 5 and under of just one monitor one computer instead of thinking I have 20 of each that is below 5?
When I intput the inventory the only way I know is to put for example: Item- computer Asset Id 133034 then a repeat Item- computer Asset Id 144012 etc for all hardware.(as if I have alot of items for computer and for monitors whereas the report should think I only have a product of computers a product of monitors and not product of computer 133034 product of computer 144012 and product of computer 20 times or how many there is). Before I would put just Item- computer Item- monitor etc.. and not computer for each asset and monitor for each asset.

Help please
Thanks Rick