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    Unanswered: creating multiple records at once and populating records

    I have searched and searched 5-6 pages of google and nothing has come up but a lot info from this forum which has been a goldmine.
    I have been teaching myself access (MS ACCESS 2010) and was using my music collection as my first database. dbmusic



    What i want to do is from: formablum, based off a variable input; create multiple records whilst populating the track# field (starting at 1). What i have in mind was creating a subform formsong on formalbum (main form) for which using a command button a inputbox appears asking "how many tracks?" which then opens a continuous form with with only ID and track# containing values. Now this seems impossible to do using actions and can only be done using VBA which is where i am new to.

    I do have coding experience and i have watch quite a bit of videos, forums, and ms access guides but can't seem to formulate coding for what i am trying to do SPECIFICALLY, can someone walk me through? and also if this can be done without vba that would be interesting to see....

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    use an insert query
    presumably you have got some source for the data, and Im guessing its going to be from one of the media player libraries out there. If nto it could be say from a swcan of your disk using an MP3 control that can decode the MP3 tags embedded in the file

    as a first pass, populate the parent tables (so that would be thigns like genre, artist, album and so on
    as a final pass populate the track details

    as with all these thingsa it depends on your data source, and your table design

    there's lots of schematics out there for digital media libraries. Ive dabbled in them myself, but to be honest its not really require to do a better mousetrap. if the data is available in a media library, then there is almost certainly some form of db hosted within that applciation., Even if the design of that media library db is iffy, why re-invent.
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