in my database (db) I have first create simple report which can print label for certain article in number of times user wants to. That part of db is marked as OldLabels in db that I have attached bellow.

Now, I plan to update this code via form NewLabels so user could choose more than one article and for each article he can define 'TimesToRepeatRecord' number. Unfortunately, I am little confused how to achieve this.. This is the old code (from Report) which have done most of the work

Option Explicit
        Dim intPrintCounter As Integer
        Dim intNumberRepeats As Integer

Private Sub Report_Open(Cancel As Integer)
           intPrintCounter = 1
           intNumberRepeats = Forms!VPDEKLARACIJE!TimesToRepeatRecord
End Sub

Private Sub Detail_Print(Cancel As Integer, PrintCount As Integer)
           ' Note: intNumberRepeats and intPrintCounter are initialized
           ' in the report's OnOpen event.
           If intPrintCounter < intNumberRepeats Then
              intPrintCounter = intPrintCounter + 1
              ' Do not advance to the next record.
              Me.NextRecord = False
              ' Reset intPrintCounter and advance to next record.
              intPrintCounter = 1
              Me.NextRecord = True
           End If
        End Sub
I have also attached db named "Demo" so you could see the issue.


Many thanks in advance for your suggestions!