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    Unanswered: Read Table by index

    hi , can you help me with a simple sql? I need to read a db Table but sorted by index - is there a generic "select * from tableA sorted by index" where it just uses whatever index it finds (main index) or do i have to name the index?

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    You cannot guarantee the order of a resultset without specifying an ORDER BY clause.

    You could achieve this by abusing dynamic SQL but I wouldn't recommend it.

    More importantly, why are you trying to do this?
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    Microsoft SQL Server and the ISO/ANSI standard support the ORDER BY clause. The ORDER BY clause doesn't guarantee use of an index, but if there is a covering index then it will almost certainly be used.

    Most SQL dialects have a non-standard way to specify the use of an index, but the exact syntax and the options provided varies from one dialect to another.

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