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    Unanswered: Dropping of Index on a particular table


    can some one tel me the syntax to drop an index on a particular table alone.
    My issue is i can able to create an index on a particular table say, tab1.
    When I am trying to drop the index,

    The syntax is DROP INDEX <INDEX NAME>.

    I have created common index with same name on all the tables on a particular schema & now to drop on a particular table , I am issuing DROP INDEX <INDEX name>. which is dropping index on all the tables.

    On sql server we have something like DROP INDEX I9 ON TAB1.

    kindly let me know how to drop index on a particular table , without disturbing the other tables.


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    Some mistake surely. In a specific database the combination of index-schema+ index-name is unique.

    Study this page:
    in particular the section that reads:

    "INDEX index-name
    Names the index or index specification. The name, including the implicit or explicit qualifier, must not identify an index or index specification that is described in the catalog, or an existing index on a declared temporary table (SQLSTATE 42704). The qualifier must not be SYSIBM, SYSCAT, SYSFUN, or SYSSTAT (SQLSTATE 42939). "

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