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    Unanswered: Hyperlink SQL Server front-end Tableau

    The beginning of our build we used Access back and front-end. The front-end would have required a web server and that was too many hoops to jump through with IT due to PHI and HIPAA. In Access our intervention information is saved in a pdf. An intervention is any mailer sent out to our insured to say hey it is time to get your blood pressure checked or check for diabetes, etc. Whatever we are reaching out to a member to encourage them to do as a part of heatlh & wellness. Each row in the old Access database could have multiple .pdf attachments, not very big. It would depend on the outreach.

    After the migration to SQL Server, I put in a column in the table that houses our intervention information and it stores as a max binary. We are using Tableau as the front-end and I am not able to view the .pdfs as I could in Access. In Access if I clicked on the attachment the .pdf opened in a browser. If I hard-coded in the front-end form which was VB, I could code to open up at first the attachment but then I moved all attachments to save space to our Sharepoint and coded in a link to those attachments. Found that was actually better than storing the .pdfs in the Access database.

    In SQL Server, the management team wants the ability to open the attachments in Tableau. Making the column the max binary does nothing but show me a bunch of binary code. I am not able to open the attachment in Tableau. I was trying to find a way to alter this column from max binary to a hyperlink like you can in Access and then when and end-user clicks on the hyperlink, it will open up the .pdf in SharePoint. I do not see a way to do a hyperlink datatype in SQL Server.

    Any suggestions?

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    There is no hyperlink data type in SQL Server.
    The [var]binary data type is the correct one to use for BLOBs (Binary, Large OBjects).

    This is what Sharepoint uses for a data type for this stuff, too!

    Unfortunately the functionality you seek needs to be coded in to the application.
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    Store the UNC or URL for your file in an NVARCHAR column of the appropriate length, then use a TABLEAU Hyperlink Action to make the link "live" and clickable on the TABLEAU page.

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