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    Unanswered: Is the data normalized correctly?

    Before I'm going to build a database in Access I have to normalize my data. My question is if this is done correctly:

    My data(FAQ) consists of questions, answers, categories and versioning. Questions can be answered with text and/or image. The questions can be divided into multiple categories .
    Its kept which person changed the question/answer. (versioning)

    bold = primary key

    Click image for larger version. 

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    FAQ(FAQid, question, ansText, ansImage, RG(Subject),RG(name,dateModified,revisionNR))

    FAQ(FAQid, question, ansText, ansImage)
    Categories (FAQid,Category)
    Versioning(FAQid,revisionNR, name, dateModified)

    2NV: 1NV

    FAQ(FAQid, Qid, question )
    Questions(Qid, ansText, ansImage)
    Versioning(FAQid,revisionNR, name, dateModified)

    I'm not quite sure if 3NV is good. I know that the rule of 3NV is that you have to eliminate the columns that are not fully dependent upon the primary key.
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