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    Database design for price comparison site - too complex?

    I'm working on a regular price comparison site with two exceptions. I want to show price history and also allow users to subscribe to a product with a specific size and color. As a result, I've ended up with a somewhat complex database design and I'm afraid it will become both slow and difficult to manage (lots of join, etc.) when writing the functions.

    In the follow image you can see an outline I created with MySQLWorkbench:

    I'd really appreciate all feedback and thoughts.

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    Can you have more than one price for a given product, from a certain merchant?

    Your attribute and property tables stink of EAV, which you need to be very careful with.

    Most people here are not a fan of that particular type of database design as its flaws often outweigh its flexibility benefit.

    P.S. don't confuse simplicity and complexity with right and wrong!
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