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    Unanswered: Upsizing From MS Access To SQL Server Compact Edition

    Hi Guys,

    Is there a way to upsize an Access Database to SQL Server Compact Edition? It's my understanding that it has a small footprint and is well suited for desktop applications and produces local database files. This seems like it's the right choice for the application that I'm working on. I would still like to be able to create views, basic stored procedures and functions.


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    May be some ways, i.e.:

    - the Upsize Wizard from MS Access:
    How to convert an Access database to SQL Server

    - Bulllzip utility (free and very good))
    Access To MSSQL
    I used many times to migrate MDB to SQL Server 2008/2012 (but never used to migrate on CE, so I don't know if work for CE)

    - Data Port Wizard (old)
    The Primeworks Mobile Blog: Data Port Wizard is now FREE
    The donwload link isn't longer valid. so see the link to download from Google Drive Folder (right-side page)

    Searching on Google may produce more results.

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    There are a lot of tools and procedures to create objects in SQL from Access. Unless the database is big, tho, it's generally best to manually create the tables in the SQL DB and then move the data.
    have fun!

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    Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. For now I have put the project on the shelf because of a query issue I cannot seem to resolve.

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