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    Unanswered: MySQL Workbench won't start

    I have mysql workbench -community -6.2.4 -win 32,in windows 8.1 .But when I go "Run as administrator " there is no new window,it does not open;

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    You are in a DB2 forum

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    I've moved your question to the MySQL forum. I'm pretty sure that it will get more attention and more useful answers here!

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    Sorry I don't understand, what do you mean by 'MySQL Workbench won't start'
    On Windows 7 with workbench 6.2 I see no option for 'run as administrator. you opne the program then decide what you want to do with the tool, whether thats modellign or server administration

    You can do data modelling with or without a connection to a server. if you are planning on administering a server then you need to connect to that server. you will need the userid, password and location of the server.

    its easiest if you have the MySQL server on the same workstation (connect o localhost), otherwise connect to the IP address of the remote server.

    There are several possible issues here
    it could be the server isn't installed, isn't configured properly or is refusing connections or hidden behind a firewall
    it could be you have a corrupt installation of workbench (or inadequate permission on Workbench. you dont say what operating system you are using.
    have you tried some of the excellent videos on using workbench

    If I were you I'd try and prove each component.
    so first off I'd open workbench and attempt to create some tables in new model.
    that should demonstratre if workbench is working or not.
    then I'd want to try and establish a connection to the mysql server. examine the server log files to see if there are any message. prove the server is runnign by using command line tools such as mysqld or mysql.
    make certain you create users with adequate permissions (ie correct permissions for the specified user from the specified computer or computers or domain.
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