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    Unanswered: Importing Spreadsheet


    Is there a way of importing MS Excel Spreadsheets but starting from row 8.
    I am now getting lots of spreadsheets but i only need data from row 8. I have to manually delete the rows and save the spreadsheet then import. Some days i can have more then 1.

    If you got any ideas i appreciate it.

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    short of writing your own VBA procedure to import the data I cant' think of a way.
    if you find you are going to be importing a great deal of spreadsheets then a VBA procedure may be 'the' way forward. you could validate data, make certain its 'sane' Ie within reasonable / expected limits. decide what to do on finding data errors (ie do you reject the whole spreadhsheet and make the submitter re -edit till it does clear, do you import what you can, shift rows with errors into another table(s) within Access and let the users clear faults there.

    A bit of crafty design means your VBA procedure could run overnight or as a background process, meaning the most recent data is always incorporated.

    Personally I always caution people using spreadsheets as an original for data. they are great at consuming and manipulating data, incredibly powerful and flexible, but that is also part of their down fall. its all to easy to make an inadvertent change to a spreadsheet (add or delete a column/row without realising the impact of those changes. if you import into Access using the macros/wizards then there is a risk that the datatypes can get mangled. its fine if you use a spreadsheet type file as an interface file between different computer systems and you cannot get a direct feed from the host system, but as the source for raw data... be very very carefull
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