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    Unanswered: bufferpol with 32k page size time estimation for creation

    Hi All,

    For one of my stored procedure got error SQL1585N A system temporary table space with sufficient page size does not exist.

    So to create new system temporary tablespace with 32k page size i need bufferpool for 32k pagesize.

    so i gave below command:

    db2 "create bufferpool tempbp size 500 pagesize 32K"

    But command is not yet completed since 5 hours.

    Can anyone please let me know why the command taking the long time?

    How to calculate the estimate time to complete.

    Also please suggest the alternative possible solution for this.

    Thanks in advance

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    When asking for help , always post your db2 server version and fixpack, and the operating-system name and details.
    Most likely there is a connection holding a catalog lock which is blocking your job.
    Normally such a command would complete fast (within a second) if there are no locks.
    Find which session(s) are holding catalog locks for extended periods, and if they are currently idle, then check carefully if they can be forced or persuaded to commit/rollback and thereby release the locks. If you don't know how to do these basic things you should ask an experienced DBA at your site.

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