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    Question Need some startup help

    Hi there.

    I've been doing some programing back in the 1990's and the beginning of 2000, mostly
    Some of my knowledge have gone missing, so I try this forum to get some most needed startup help.

    I'm planning to create an app with a simple database that can run on iOS (and also on Android).
    The purpose of the app is to be able to search for persons in an office building, getting back some info on the person and also which office room number that person occupies. This is STEP 1.

    In step 2, input from the user should be something like:
    - Where am I know (which room number)?
    - To which room number would I like to go?

    The app should from the database calculate if I'm to go north/south thru the hallway, take stairs/elevator to desired floor, and then in which direction to go to come to my destination.

    Maybe I explained this in a stupid way, but this is the essence of what I would like the app/database to to.

    My big question is:
    - Which platform should be used to program this?
    - Which language?
    - Which app-building software could to this in a good way?

    Hope to see some answers and hopefully I will get some direction in my work.


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    Im not too certain how database related (the prime focus of this site) your proposed app is.

    the native db on most phones is SQLite, but as, I guess, you want to store locations centrally that means some form of central datastore. given the trivial nature of the storage that could be a SQL database or it could conceivably be flat file (depends on budget, hardware & software the central service is provided on.

    the main issue is developing soemthign that runs on iOS AND Android (and presumably whatever the current name of windows mobile is)

    The fundamental problem is that the phones themselves are closed ecosystems and use specialised form of languages (Android uses a derivitive of Java, iOS use Objective C, god knows what Windows mobile uses. however you may be able to cut accross all that by using HTML5 along with Ajax and/or CSS. IIRC to develop native apps for iOS you need Apple hardware & OS , Android can be developed on any OS and Windows on Microsoft OS. HTML / AJAX etc natch can be done on any host hardware.

    if you can develop the app to be HTML based then that would be the way to go in my books. but that assumes that
    ..your location(s) will have an always on connection
    ..there is nothing that is going to stretch the hardware (mobile devices are very resource limited)
    ..although the Android development environment is or can be free (use Eclipse or Netbeans or similar, developing for iOS or windows may involve buying a development environment
    dunno if Google's web tools is still around (that promised to deliver Java development process but targeting web pages for deployment)
    there are some propriatory packages that claim to allow you to develop an application and then deploy on Android and or iOS. although when I looked at it around 2..3 years ago they didn't seem very nature nor especially attractive on price or performance

    from what you've said so far I'd expect an HTML solution to be the way to go,not least because it frees you from having to buy specific hardware or software or development environments. it frees your users to use whatever devices they have (be it desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or whatever. But it will require a central server (I reckon it could sit happily alongside any existing corporate web server. a simple register page and search page would be very modest server load.

    Coming from a VB background I found the Android flavour of Java an absolute pain (Java not so much), not quite as frustrating and seemingly needlessly obtuse as Python, but getting close
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    Thanks for a extensive answer.

    After thinking a bit, I guess I don't need a server running for this app.

    The database can be incorporated in the app itself, can't it?
    Because the size of the db will not be big.
    We're talking about max 250 contacts (including name, room number, floor, distance from elevator/staircase to each room and so on).

    And when people are moving into new offices/rooms, changing their location/phone number, all I have to do is to change this in the database, and upload the updated version of the app to App Store.

    This should work perfectly for my use, shouldn't it?

    Any suggestion for an easy to use HTML-coding software?


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    its HTML so any text editor on any computer large or small will do
    as to whether thats notepad/wordpad HTMLEdit, a fiendishly complex editor like VIM or its numerous relatives/clones or a 'full on' IDE such as netbeans or eclipse is entirely up to you

    as to where the data gets saved, I guess it depends on who is the provider, who is the consumer,
    for what you originally outline I expected it to be a central server as different people announce where they are to the system so that anyone else within the organsiation can access that position.
    in that case you'd need a central datastore accessible by all those who need to. if its on, say, your device, then the logon /log off's will fail if your device isn't present. how your proposed app would work with others trying to contact your device may well break the HTML led appraoch.
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    I'm not sure if we are talking about the same here.

    I'm now in the process of downloading and installing xCode for iOS.
    My plan is to develop this using my MacBookPro for iOS (iPhone and iPad) first. After I have achieved what I want, I will try to develop a simillar app for Android systems.

    My point is: The database only need to be updated by one person - me.
    The office rooms are static - they will never move around :-)
    And when people move permanently to another office room, I do the changes in the database I have on my MacBookPro, I then update the App with the new database and relaunch the updated App.

    The users (meaning the people working in the building) only need to search for other colleagues using the App.
    The users never update any info in the App, they only search and USE the data from the database within the App.

    Was this more clear, or am I just talking jiberish here??

    Should this kind of App be able to program using xCode?

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