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    Unanswered: I need help adding up check boxes on a report.

    How do I add these check boxes to make one field on a query and on a form. I attached a sample of what I was trying to do.

    I am having a little problem with a form. I am trying to add several check-boxes on a form to make a field on a query then report. The table is already created and I need to work around the table. This is a small scale example of the issue at hand. I attached a sample demo
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    Each check box should have a value 1-6. But in your case not the best idea if doing pizza.
    So for this you would need vb code to convert the check box to say a topping letter.

    your PEPPERONI is Check0 (no value)

    your code would have to check every check box and assign a value (NOT the best way but here we are)
    if check0.value then vToppings = vToppings & "P"     'pep
    if Check2.value then vToppings = vToppings & "S"     'sausage
    if Check4.value then vToppings = vToppings & "C"   'cheese
    'the better way would be to have a list box of items, dbl-click to add to the items list. NO CODE.

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