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    Arrow 2 Sites - 1 Database (How to Data-Split)?

    Hello All,

    I'm glad I found this expert forum, and I would love your input on how to logically solve a database issue.

    A partner of mine is working on going-live on 2 Websites (both e-Commerce - essentially the same products under 2 different brands), using Business Vision (bV) ERP's ecommerce extension (3rd party).

    - They want to use the Same Inventory/Product List coming from the database.
    - I realize this will give rise to problems of stock count, adding new products, taxes, etc.

    Could anyone tell me if they've come across such a situation, and any possible solution to tackle this, from a broad level.

    The only example I can give is of the 2 Canadian Tech giants Future Shop and Best Buy Canada (Best Buy came to Canada from the US in like 2001 and bought out Future Shop), they have the same products and inventory, ship from the same warehouse.

    Your input or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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    Too much of the answer to your question depends on the network and IT infrastructure of the web sites.

    Are the sites running on a single multi-homed machine, in the same domain, in the same data center? As the logical separation between the sites grows, the complexity of sharing data grows too.

    I can say with some certainty that it is possible to share the inventory database, but without understanding or assuming a lot about your infrastructure I can't offer a recommendation on how I'd accomplish that.

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    Hello Pat,
    Thank you for directing some pertinent questions:

    single multi-homed machine > Yes
    in the same domain > No, there are 2 different Domains (so ERP (2 Companies, same Database) > Cloud (2 Companies) > 2 Domains
    in the same data center? > Yes

    Essentially, they are 2 Different companies (entities) operating out of the same ERP Software (Business Vision), and we're wanting to use the same inventory. Thanks!

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    The answer I'm afraid depends entirely on your ERP software -- whether it's capable of doing what you want. Some e-commerce software, e.g. IBM WebSphere Commerce, allows you to drive multiple web stores with different branding from a single inventory.

    If your software cannot do that, the easiest approach would probably include bidirectional replication of inventory table(s) between two otherwise independent application instances.
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