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    Unanswered: HADR Configuration using online backup

    Hi team,
    we are planning to perform HADR configuration for db2 10.1 servers for AIX servers , i referred so many sites, everywhere it is mentioned to take OFFLINE backup,
    1Q)what are the challenges we will face if you prefer ONLINE backup?

    2Q) Is it possible to configure HADR without downtime?

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    1. You do not need an offline backup to configure HADR. I do this all of the time and have never used an offline backup. You simply restore the db on the standby and leave in rollforward pending (this is required) and when you issue the start hadr command db2 will apply the logs from the primary.
    2. The initial update of the db parameters (i.e. HADR_LOCAL_HOST, HADR_REMOTE_HOST etc) requires and a restart of db2 to take effect. Make sure you update them on the standby after your restore to ensure they are not overwritten during the initial resynch (can't remember if db2 over writes them or not, I have it scripted to automatically updated, but that may be redundant). You do not need an outage for a backup etc.

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    have a look at this....................

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