Please help me in finding a good inMemoryDatabase with following features

1)Local & Global cache [must]
2)Partitioning of data: Replication and Distribution features [must]
3)Synchronous & Asynchronous APIs [good to have]
4)ACID Compliant Transactions [must]
5)Optimistic & Pessimistic Concurrency (2pc)
6)Elasticity (to add/remove nodes) [must] Manual/Automatic
7)Distributed Lock[must for distributed one]
8)Datacenter (WAN) Replication (Active-Active,Active-Passive)
9)Eviction / Expiration Policies for Transactional Caches & data Overflow
10)SSL Support

Please consider IMDBS like PostgreSQL, SQLite,MariaDB, Aerospike, VoltDB, Hazzlecast, Berkeley DB, SAP HANA or any other DB of your choice.