I really hope someone can help. Here is what I need and my problems.

I have one table called "Booking" in this table I have several fields one of which is called BookingAddressID which basically refers to another Table called BookingAddress, and there is also another field in Booking table called "ClientID" which refers to another table called "Client" and it also has a DateOfJob field.

What I want is to create a query to show me BookingAddressID based on ClientID between two particular dates.

For example, if ClientA had made 10 Bookings in 5 different BookingAddressIDs between 01/01/15 to 09/01/15 then I want the query to ONLY show me 5 Records/rows because I do not want to see same BookingAddressID repetitively and instead I only want to see BookingAddressID once and then total number of bookings/records for each BookingAddressID

this is what I have created but obviously it is not correct. Any help would be highly appreciated:

SELECT Booking.ClientID, Booking.BookingAddressID, Booking.DateOfJob, Booking.Id
FROM Booking
WHERE (((Booking.ClientID)=[Enter Client ID]) AND ((Booking.DateOfJob) Between [Enter Start Date] And [Enter End Date]));